M3 M5 M6 Throttle Actuators

Rebuild USA is an official USA distributor of Rebuild UKs, all come with a lifetime warranty.
Actuators for the M3/M5/M6 S65 and S85 engines. The price per
actuator is $360 with a $100 added core charge. Core charge is refunded
after we receive your faulty actuator. If you would like to ship us
your core(s) first we can remove the core charge upon placing your

100% Guarantee 
• Lifetime Warranty
• Core/deposit Service  
• Same day shipping             
• World wide shipping available

This Rebuild includes: A full upgrade on the entire circuit board with higher power, higher temperature components and Better quality parts fitted. Rebuild's actuators are upgraded to out perform OEM Actuators. The gears have been upgraded to superior materials. Transistors & capacitors checked, Voltage regulators tested, microprocessor, serial Eprom tested or changed. 
Unlimited mileage & Lifetime Warranty entire unit.